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Bryant Evolution Air Conditioner


An air conditioner keeps your home cool in the Florida summer heat by compressing refrigerant. Refrigerant is a gas that when compressed, condenses down into a chilled liquid. Compressing refrigerant also releases heat energy from the refrigerant into the air. Once compressed, the chilled refrigerant is pumped inside to the indoor coil. The fan motor in the furnace (or fan coil) pulls air from the home and forces it through the coil. This cools the air and also dehumidifies it since moisture condensates on the coil during the heat energy transfer.

The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured with a Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio, or SEER rating. A higher SEER rating is more efficient than a lower one. Overall cooling efficiency is also affected by the indoor equipment. The right Bryant® fan coil matched with the right air conditioner can lower overall cooling efficiency by one or two SEER points.

Bryant Evolution Systems

The Evolution™ system from Bryant reflects cutting edge air conditioning technology. With SEER ratings at 20+ SEER and sound levels all of the way down to 68 dB (as loud as a vacuum), Bryant air conditioners lead the industry in cooling efficiency and comfort. Plus, the Evolution control can communicate with the equipment to orchestrate the highest possible comfort and efficiency levels.